Established in 2009, the AGCC is a German Afghan Engineers Office, which has its head office in the Federal Republic of Germany and a branch in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The office consists of experienced civil engineers and architects, who have gained there education, experience and training in Germany and have sufficient experience to plan and manage construction projects in Afghanistan.

In addition, the office is cooperating with experienced Afghan Construction Companies.

Currently, the AGCC is co-operating with the Maiwand Safi Construction Co. Ltd 
[MSCC] which is located in Kabul, Afghanistan, AEDIS ProManage and Theobald & Partner, both located in Germany.

The AGCC has also Co-operation partners in UAE and a high qualified network in the EU. 

The AGCC covers the following sectors of the planning and site management phase of projects:

  • Architectural Design
  • Structural Design
  • Building Services [ building physics, renewable energies]
  • Project Scheduling and Budgeting
  • Site Management [ in Joint- Venture with MSCC]

Overview AGCC as a pdf (filesize 1.75 MB)

Overview MSCC as a pdf (filesize 3.75 MB)

ASCHIANA Building, Kabul City, MSCC