Our Team consists of construction engineers and architects, who got professional experience in the planning and site management sectors.

Maiwand Safi Construction Co. Ltd (MSCC), an Afghan Company, which was established in 2009, is our partner in Afghanistan. MSCC has a highly skilled team of technical staff with over fifteen years of experience working throughout Afghanistan in the fields of construction in civil-, electrical-, mechanical- and road networking engineering. MSCC also incorporates technical assistance from abroad to produce high standard quality work in road & building construction. 

AEDIS Pro Manage is our management partner in all sectors of planning and construction. AEDIS┬┤ expertise incorporates project development, planning construction and project management as well as expert opinions in any detail of managing and planning. Together, we provide realistic scheduling to our clients in all phases of our projects.

Theobald + Partner Engineers, established in 1965, currently employs 27 engineers with many years of experience and special knowledge in all fields of structural engineering. Continuous professional training combined with an understanding of technical development forms the basis for the success of the company┬┤s work. Theobald + Partner are not only a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers but also of several Chambers of Engineering in Germany.

Beside our technical staff consisting of engineers and architects, we also have professional lawyers, economists, business computing analysts and administrators. We provide language assistance in Pashto, Dari, English and German through our linguistics partner Multi Tongue, which provides worldwide languages.